NAVETA CZ s.r.o.

The company NAVETA CZ s.r.o. is located in a strategic place, in the heart of Europe. We are a traditional producer with a complete range of textile reeds, drop wires and heald wires for all types of weaving machines from all over the world. We are one of the best world wide producers of these goods with a high European quality, thanks to the textile tradition that has existed for more than thirty years.

The construction and specification of our goods comply's with all ISO standards and ensures the full compatibility with all known drawing-in machines.

We use the latest technology and the best materials which guarantees the high quality of our products. All of our products we produce are only from the top quality stainless steel materials. The additional alloys and the latest technology guarantee the optimal use, corrosion proof properties for Waterjet weaving.

Our range of products includes reeds which can be glued and tinned, tunnel and ribbon, double and sorting, smooth and Robust for the carpet weaving. Also a wide range of accessories including many types of heddles (rider, riderless, ribbon, carpet and specials) These heddles SIMPLEX, SIMPAS and DUPLEX can be manufactured with the thread-eye in the centre or decentred. Repair heddles are also produced for all types of rider heddles, for exchanging any damaged heddles in the middle of a warp. Extra care is taken with the polishing of thread eye and functional parts of product. Therefore our heddles and droppers can be used for weaving of silk fibres, glass fibres, Kevlar and another very demanding materials.

We are also able to satisfy your non-standard requests thank to flexibility of our team, with the obvious personal access of our sales department.