ITMA 2019 will be in Barcelona, Spain. 

Term 20-26 june 2019


Our sales department is looking forward to doing pleasant meetings with our present, coming and potential clients. You can see the standard products and also a new prepared specification of the products on our stand. We will try to present our companies image in every world-wide exhibition. It is very important for us to meet our clients and to understand their needs. We are looking forward to meeting you in the following exhibitions:

ITM Istanbul, Turkey, 14.4.2018-17.4.2018 

The exhibition ITM 2018 was very successful for our company. NAVETA sign some important contracts. 

ITMA Milan, Italy, 12.11.2015-19.11.2015, Hall H1 boot F119

In Milan we introduced a new assortment of headles for Van de Wiele and Bonas machines first time. These healds are designed for special carpet machines. The maximum length of the heald is 1500 mm!

ITMA - Barcelona, Spain, 2011

TECHTEXTIL - Frankfurt, Germany, 2011

ITMA - Munich, Germany, 2007

ITME - Beijing, China, 2006

ITM - Istanbul, Turkey, 2006

EXINTEX - Mexico, Puebla, 2006

ITMEX - Brasil, Sao Paulo, 2005

EXINTEX - Puebla, Mexico, 2004

ITMA Birmingham, England, 22.-29.10.2003

 ITMA Asia, Singapore, 2001

ATME Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA, 2001