Our drop wires are made of high quality heat refined stainless steel, which guarantees a long lifespan of our products. The edges and especially "the working part" of drop wire are perfectly rounded. Maximum care is taken with brilliant finishing of the thread-eye, which ensures no problems with fine warp yarns.

type EOI 

Open droppers for electric warp stop and hand made drawing-in

type ECU

Close droppers for electric warp stop and automatic drawing-in system

type ECR

Close droppers for electric warp stop and automatic drawing-in system

6 reasons for which you should use Naveta droppers:

  • Droppers are produced only of stainless steel materials and from only the best European stainless steel manufacturers.
  • All materials are checked for quality prior to use.
  • Droppers are pressed in new and innovate machines with guaranteed precision.
  • We take complete care during manufacturing of the droppers, not only the functional part of drop wire.
  • All the droppers are tested by certificated anticorrosive tests. Other manufacturers produce their steel droppers with a surface finish of (Ni, Zn etc.), where this is only a microscopic anticorrosive coat, but the droppers themselves are not anticorrosive. The surface of this type of dropper can become damaged with use and therefore the dropper starts to corrode in critical places. Naveta droppers are totally anticorrosive throughout the whole thickness by use of stainless steel material.
  • The material of the dropper is thermally improved to the maximum strength and also optimal flexibility.

Our droppers are produced in accordance with ISO 441 and ISO 1150 international standards and are fully compatible with all drawing-in machines e. g. Staubli AG (Zellweger Uster), EL&M (Vega), Reed-Chatwood (ex Barber Colman) etc.

The following table can help you to choose the best suitable dropper for your machine and your assortment. We recommend you to choose the weight of dropper about 25% higher for the high RPM machines. 

Note: The mentioned droppers are the Standard Droppers. We are able to deliver also non-standard droppers after our mutual consultation.