NAVETA has been manufacturing a whole range of basic materials for many years. Profile dents are manufactured for our airjet reeds. Production of our profile dents includes stamping dent profiles and final tooling of the surface so they gleam like a mirror.

Our state-of-the-art technology gives our profile dents excellent end-use properties. NAVETA's own heat treating equipment enables us to tailor the mechanical properties of profile dents to the needs of our customers. Profile dents made of special chemical composition stainless steel can be provided for aggressive materials such as glass, Kevlar and basalt fibres. These profile dents last significantly longer.

We manufacture profile dents for the following makes of weaving machines:

  • Picanol
  • Dornier
  • Vega, Beta, CAM-EL
  • P a PN

Different finishings are used to increase the durability of our reeds. Development and testing of new finishings are facilitated both by research institutes from all over Europe and our end customers.

Together with VÚTS Liberec (Textile Machinery Research Institute), we have developed an automatic testing machine, the WR-Stand. It tests the abrasive resistance of various machinery parts, especially healds, drop wires and dents even before they are deployed in a production environment.

Key benefits of WR-Stand:

  • Fast testing - WR-Stands reduces testing time to just dozens of hours
  • No shutting down of customer machines to assess cost-effectiveness