NAVETA is a traditional manufacturer of a comprehensive range of basic materials. For our flat reeds we produce flat reedwire. Production of flat reed wire includes rolling, edge processing, straightening, hardening, grinding, polishing the surface and edges.

We produce flat reed wire:

  • steel
  • hardening steel
  • steel with coating
  • stainless steel
  • hardening stainless steel

To increase the resistance of our reeds, we apply a range of coating. During the development and testing of new coating, we cooperate with research institutes from across Europe, and also with final customers. 

In order to test the durability of our products, we developed in cooperation with VÚTS Liberec (Development Institude of Textile Industry) the testing machine under the name "WR-Stand". The WR-stand can test abrasion resistance of individual machine parts, especially healds, reeds and reed wire and reed dents, before application in usual production.

The main advanteges of WR-Stand:

  • thanks to the WR-Stand we speed the trstiny time for few hours only

  • we can determine the economic viability of your new spare parts without stopping the machine