Naveta CZ s.r.o. Company is a traditional producer of complete range of weaving reeds. Use of modern technology and high-quality materials is a guaranty of high quality and therefore Naveta ranks among the worldwide leaders. Reeds for weaving machines are produced in a wide range for various types of weaving looms from all over the world. The manufacturing program includes a lot of types of reeds as: 

  • glued, 
  • tinned, 
  • flat, 
  • airjet, 
  • ribbon, 
  • double, 
  • double online, 
  • reeds for carpets, 
  • shifting reeds, 
  • lease reeds etc.

Naveta uses the last technology and machines within production to ensure the high quality eg. the latest binding machines from Spaleck. These machines are used for binding of the precise reeds with high density.
This enginering offers the ability to produce reeds in the scale of density 10-290 dents /10cm.

The reeds can be manufactured in the folowing types: - flat - simple or double, channel - standard or with funnel for the colour change. We also manufacture reeds with replaceable dents for regular changes in the reed's width.

To maximum influence the quality of our reeds, we have invested in the development of new technologies. Today we produce and finish ourselves the tunnel dents, including the funnels for the colour change. We use laser measuring and height control units to achieve perfect quality. This is also the reason why a large number of reeds producers buy the Naveta dents.  

Each delivered Naveta reed (except the flat reeds) has a technical sheet. This record is permanently noted in our database when the reed is delivered. This information contains all the products dimensions and a detailed certificated chart showing the examined pressures in the air channel. This information is important to you, to help the effective running of the reed in your machine without any problems. Every Naveta reed is developed for the individual customer, to optimize, achieve and minimize air consumption and pressure. As we know that air pressure is very expensive; therefore we are trying help save your operating costs.

We take extra care in the preparation of new reeds for extremely sophisticated weaving mills in production of glass fibre, carbon fibre, kevlar and PES fibres. Our team have applied new and or non-adapted materials to maximise and increase of the life span of these reeds. With this care and new materials we have been able to achieve an increase in the life span of about 200-300%. We use all of this data successfully to reduce the cuting of the edges of the reeds, to achieve an increase of life span by as much as 100%.